Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Week One (well, a few weeks squashed into one...)

So. Here are some sketchbooky types I have been drawing recently. I hope to try and put up new drawings every week, like a 'this is what i've been up to this week...' type deal. For some reason all these appear to have some sort of black and pink theme going on, this was entirely unintentional, perhaps I was not in a colourful mood this week. Oh dear. Also there are some nice overheard snippets of stuff which i have recently heard. So, funtimes for all. Oh also, please fullview my drawings as they look kind of small and pathetic otherwise. kisses.


Luke Tonge said...

Ohhh the happy memories on display!!! 'whats tha doiiin' in thare?' hahaha love it love it. Well done on beginning the beautiful blog... its going to be superb.
Let the blogging begin x

Jon said...

rock onwards and upwards.

davidplant said...

wholesome goodness