Thursday, 12 November 2009


I have made some christmas cards! Hurrah! I have had them professionally printed and they really are lovely - I am not a fan of rubbish printing, I wouldn't want to buy anything a bit poo myself, but these really are nice. You can grab a single one or a pack of all 4 - head over to my etsy shop now!

If all goes well I will be adding more items, perfect for christmas gifts, over the next few weeks, so make sure you check back! 

Monday, 2 November 2009

two of hearts

i really need to start blogging things at the right time...a couple of months back now i entered the amelia's magazine competition to design a 2 of hearts card for a 'quilt' of cards she made for an exhibition to raise money for shelter. i couldn't make the exhibition which was real sad but it looked like a hoot. 

friendship chain

a while back i made three images for a little friendship project my friend did, where we each drew pictures of three of our friends, and then in theory those three friends would do the same for some friends of theirs, therefore making a chain. like a chain letter! anyone remember doing those?! gosh i loved them. i really loved painting the backgrounds, gonna do more of that sort of thing fo sho...


so a little while back i made some little temporary tattoos and started selling them in my etsy are a few samples. head on over to my shop if you'd like one. so far people seem to be liking the mermaid the best so there will soon be more of her available...

oh gosh sorry

hey. i have got myself a new little blog on which to put illustrators/artists etc who i love and all other types of inspiration and so on. EVERY name was already taken so i have ended up with this one. which so far i am rather enjoying. i hope you do too x